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Orlando Pinstriped Post Mailbag no. 26: Explaining the WoNK pick

We've talked a lot about Orlando's WoNK pick lately. In this Mailbag, we clarify what exactly that term means.


Welcome to another edition of the Orlando Pinstriped Post Mailbag, wherein Tyler Lashbrook and I handle your Orlando Magic questions. We're always taking your submissions via email ( and Facebook.

Here's today's question.

bucblizzard asks:

I was just wondering if both NY and Denver end up being lottery teams do we get the worst pick before or after the lottery is held? Say Denver has the 13th and NY has the 12th picks before the lottery and Denver gets selected in the top 3, would we get Denver's or NY's pick?

bucblizzard is asking about the WoNK pick, which Orlando received as a result of the Dwight Howard trade. Per the terms of the agreement, Orlando will obtain a first-round Draft pick in 2014 from either the Denver Nuggets or the New York Knicks, depending on which selection is lower, i.e. later, i.e. worse.

To answer your question, bucblizzard, that pick is unprotected and will come Orlando's way after the Draft Lottery. In your example, the Magic would receive the Knicks' pick because it is lower, despite the fact that Denver entered the lottery with worse odds.

Because it'll be a mid-first-rounder, the WoNK probably won't net the Magic a star, but it could yield a solid role player.