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Super Bowl XLVIII: Sunday's Magic/Celtics matchup better, one writer says

A Grantland scribe contends that a February matchup between two lottery-bound NBA teams might have offered more entertainment value than the NFL's championship game.

Jerryd Bayless and Tobias Harris
Jerryd Bayless and Tobias Harris
Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

On the morning of Super Bowl Sunday, one would be hard-pressed to imagine that the day's lone NBA game--featuring the 13-35 Orlando Magic and the 15-33 Boston Celtics--would top the main event. But as the Seattle Seahawks steamroll the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium, that remote possibility became a reality. In this post at The Triangle, Grantland scribe Jason Gallagher breaks down "this NBA milestone" with a "SUPER BOWL STYLE" recap; Orlando Pinstriped Post's significantly less whimsical take on the game is available in this space.

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Gallagher dubs the game TANKER BOWL 2014, which designation calls into question what he might have called Friday's game between Orlando and the Milwaukee Bucks, who have the league's two worst records. One of the keys for the visiting Magic, according to Gallagher, is to let Glen Davis shoot more often than Arron Afflalo: "The more you can convince Arron Afflalo to get the ball out of his own hands and into the hands of Davis, the better chance you have at tanking."

Despite Afflalo's using 15 shooting possessions to Davis' 13, Boston earned the victory by a 96-89 final. But if one accepts Gallagher's premise that both teams wanted to lose, then Orlando proved itself the true victor in Sunday's contest.

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