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Bill Simmons says Magic are underachieving

The Magic "should be a lot better than they are," the ESPN personality said Tuesday.

Jacque Vaughn
Jacque Vaughn
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In the February 18th edition of his The B.S. Report podcast, ESPN personality Bill Simmons joined Grantland scribe Zach Lowe to discuss several NBA topics, including the Orlando Magic. Lowe made the Magic his focus of his weekly column Tuesday, having attended two Orlando games prior to the All-Star Break.

"I actually think they should be kind of ashamed of the season they've had." Bill Simmons on the Magic

Simmons starts his Magic remarks by calling the team's trade of Dwight Howard in 2012 "phenomenal," given that it landed several strong assets in return for a superstar player. However, he soon turns critical of Orlando.

"I gotta be honest, though," Simmons says. "I think Orlando should be a lot better than they are. I actually think they should be kind of ashamed of the season they've had."

The Magic entered Tuesday with a 16-38 record, and they dropped in the standings later that night with a 104-100 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA's worst team.

"I'm not sold on the lineups they're playing," Simmons says. "That's a team to me that looks like they're tanking, or they're just poorly coached. It's one of the two." He later goes on to call Orlando's poor record "ridiculous" in light of the weakened state of the Eastern Conference.

Lowe offers a different take on Orlando's situation. "There isn't a lot of juice there," he says. "I don't think 16-38 is ridiculous for them."

Simmons and Lowe start their Magic talk at approximately the 46:25 mark of the podcast, which is also available in the iTunes podcast catalog. A few minutes after wrapping their discussion of the Magic's season, the duo raps about a potential trade involving Arron Afflalo and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Before Lowe joins the program, Chad Ford serves as Simmons' guest and the two have an in-depth discussion of the 2014 NBA Draft class, which segment Magic fans may also find worthwhile.

What do you make of Simmons' comments and Lowe's responses to them?