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Orlando Magic training camp: Victor Oladipo, Willie Green suffer injuries

After one week of practice, the Magic have lost three players to injury, including two starters.

Victor Oladipo
Victor Oladipo
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Oliver filed this story following Monday's Orlando Magic training camp session.- ED

Oladipo sprains MCL

The hits just keep on coming for the Magic early in training camp. After losing power forward Channing Frye to a sprained MCL last Thursday, head coach Jacque Vaughn announced Monday that guard Victor Oladipo suffered a sprained MCL during Friday night's scrimmage. Vaughn said that it happened on a "play going to the rim" where Oladipo was fouled and came down awkwardly. Despite the injury, Oladipo was able to finish the scrimmage before feeling discomfort on Saturday morning.

While the injury is a big blow, the team, and Oladipo, don't believe it too serious since he was able to finish out the scrimmage. Oladipo said that he felt soreness and as a precatuion, went for an MRI which revealed the injury. He said it was "day-by-day" and that it depends on how he feels and reacts to treatment.

Oladipo admits he feels lucky the injury wasn't serious, and thought at first he had just tweaked his ankle.

With eight new players, and the team trying to find chemistry, it's a big blow to the team. However, much like Frye's injury, the team is lucky that it happened now and that it wasn't a lot worse. With Oladipo, and fellow guard Willie Green out with a hyperextended left knee, look for the likes of Elfrid Payton and Luke Ridnour to take on bigger roles early in the preseason.

Preseason opener looms

It's just the preseason, but Magic basketball is almost upon us. The team travels to South Beach Monday afternoon to take on the in-state rival Miami Heat on Tuesday.

Coach Vaughn was asked what he wanted his team to accomplish tomorrow night.

"You know, really it is, for the week that we've had to be together, trying to see those things get accomplished against another team," Said Vaughn. "Whether its the pace of our offense, defensively some of the concepts we've been working on. To see if they can put them into use in a situation where they have to think a little faster and things will come a little faster to 'em."

The soft-spoken Elfrid Payton had this to say when asked if he was excited about his first preseason game: "Yeah, it's always exciting to go out there and play basketball, and finally get to go against someone other than my teammates."

Fellow rookie Aaron Gordon was also excited. "Definitely butterflies," said the former Arizona Wildcat. "It's the first preseason game with my new team and it's just another step in the process. It's a long journey and all this is is benefitting myself and our team in what we want to accomplish. But at the same time, we still want to come out and play with intensity and win."

It's the first preseason game, so in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal, but it's basketball nonetheless. It'll be interesting to see how the team is able to work without a couple of key cogs, and how coach Vaughn uses the rookies, most notably Gordon.

Basketball is upon us. Everyone take a deep breath and relax.

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