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Orlando Magic training camp: Evan Fournier looking forward to handling ball

The Frenchman is excited for his chance to be more of a ball handler this season for the Magic, a role he feels comfortable in.

Evan Fournier
Evan Fournier
Justin Edmonds

Zach Oliver offers his impressions from Thursday's Orlando Magic training camp session.- ED

Fournier looking forward to handling the ball

After a strong showing with the French National Team this summer, Magic newcomer Evan Fournier is excited for his possible expanded role in Orlando. Coach Jacque Vaughn offered this assessment of the two-year veteran:

"He's a guy you feel comfortable with bringing the ball up the floor, making decisions in the half-court sets and just his ability to do multiple things. Not only shoot the basketball, but create opportunities for his teammates. He's a basketball player."

When asked what kind of role he feels most comfortable in, Fournier said, "It feels good to run a few pick-and-rolls the first few days. I'm really comfortable with the ball and you know I basically like to finish at the rim. Like coach said I can do a lot of things."

Having a guy like Fournier on the floor gives the Magic another level of versatility. Having a guy who can not only handle the ball, but also knock down the three-pointer is huge, especially for a team as strapped for shooting as the Magic are. He has a chance to have a real breakout year, and it will be interesting to see how Vaughn uses him moving forward.

Vaughn impressed with first scrimmage

After working on defensive drills in their lone practice session on Tuesday, the Magic began their two-a-days on Wednesday, which included a scrimmage at night. Prior to Thursday morning's practice, Vaughn praised his team team's conditioning level and the all-around competitiveness it brought to the table during Wednesday night's scrimmage. While he said the team has been competitive overall, he would not pinpoint any single player that may have stood out this early in practice.

The team's three practice sessions in, so Vaughn's being relatively tight-lipped is no surprise. It's also not surprising that he raved about his team's competitiveness, as many of the players were visibly excited for training camp and practice to begin on Tuesday.

While they are scheduled to have two practices today as well, Vaughn said that it's possible it could be cut down to one with a strong showing at the beginning. He also said that the team would be primarily work on the offensive sets that the team has been working on so far.

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