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Orlando Magic Media Day: Tobias Harris on All-Star goal

Orlando's budding star forward isn't wanting for confidence.

Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

In February, Tobias Harris joined the Orlando Magic via trade from the Milwaukee Bucks. He was mostly anonymous in his season-plus with Milwaukee, averaging 4.9 points per game in 70 appearances.

He's not anonymous anymore.

Harris, who only turned 21 in July, broke out once the Magic gave him the opportunity to do so, stuffing the stat sheet with 17.3 points, 8.5 boards, 2.1 assists, and 2.3 combined steals and blocks as he shifted between both forward positions.

Harris expects to keep playing both forward positions depending on what coach Jacque Vaughn requires of him. He really blossomed at power forward, benefitting from Glen Davis' season-ending foot injury every bit as much as he benefitted from Orlando's confidence in him. He'll have a chance to play alongside Davis for the first time in 2013/14, and he thinks the pair will make "a good little duo" for Orlando.

Now that Harris has established himself, he's looking to take the next step: becoming an NBA All-Star.

"Going into the season, being an All-Star is definitely one of my top individual goals," Harris said at Magic Media Day on Monday. "I have the ability, and with this team that's around me, and the coaching staff being able to embrace me as a player, I think it's important to go into the season with those types of goals."

Media Days around the league often serve as platforms for players to discuss the additions they've made to their games, the number of jumpers they shot per day in the offseason, and all the muscle they packed on. Harris didn't address those subjects specifically, preferring instead to say that his fans should "expect everything" from him in the season ahead.

Harris won't mind if you don't notice. "I could care less if people know me or they don't know me," he said. "I like to be low-key.

"I could care less if people know me or they don't know me. I like to be low-key." Tobias Harris

"I'm not a guy to be like, 'oh, I want a whole bunch of attention.' Less is more to me, so, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm just a guy who goes in there and handles my business, and eventually you'll get to know me."

It may not matter to Harris, but the Magic would probably prefer that you get to know Harris sooner rather than later. If you do, that probably means he's having another productive season, which in turn bodes well for the team's future as it rebuilds around him, Victor Oladipo, Maurice Harkless, and Nikola Vučević.

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