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NBA jersey buying guide: Magic fans should cop Tobias Harris', says one writer

Fans looking to invest in a Magic jersey should pick Harris' blue threads, a USA Today writer says.

Tobias Harris
Tobias Harris

USA Today writer Sean Highkin has submitted the definitive NBA jersey-buying guide. His 7000-word story breaks down his picks for current and throwback uniforms for each of the league's 30 teams.

He believes that hoops fans looking to add an Orlando Magic jersey to their collections should seek Tobias Harris' blue model. "Not only did he show promise after being traded from the Bucks at the 2013 deadline, but he wears No. 12," says Highkin. "It's a great way to stick it to Dwight Howard for the way he treated that fanbase on the way out while also buying into Rob Hennigan's vision for the future. It's perfect."

The blue jersey represents the best of Orlando's current set of uniforms, but Highkin says that's not a ringing endorsement, given that "none of them are great."

Highkin much prefers Orlando's original uniforms, which he calls "the best jerseys in NBA history" (emphasis his). If the idea of buying a new Harris jersey doesn't appeal to Magic fans, Highkin recommends they seek throwbacks of Penny Hardaway or Shaquille O'Neal.

Which Magic jerseys do you own? Which is your favorite? What's the weirdest jersey you've ever seen anyone wear at a Magic game? Let's hear your answers to those questions, and any other jersey-related thoughts you have, in the comments.

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