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NBA Draft 2014: Meet the WoNK pick

Orlando Pinstriped Post readers have nicknamed the future Draft pick that the Magic will receive from either Denver or New York.

Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

As part of the Dwight Howard trade, the Orlando Magic will receive a 2014 first-round Draft pick from either the Denver Nuggets or the New York Knicks. The selection will come from whichever team finishes with the better record.

In the interest of saving some keyboard strokes and confusion, Orlando Pinstriped Post asked its readers to come up with a nickname, not unlike the Dallas Mavericks' DUST Chip and the Brooklyn Nets' HBaP package, for that future Draft pick. With 19 recommendations, the winner is WoNK, which idea OPP user longhaulforhunger suggested. WoNK stands for "Worst of Nuggets/Knicks."

Another popular suggestion, from slickw143, was DoNY, meaning "Denver or New York." But WoNK received significantly more recommendations than DoNY, and is thus the winner of this exercise.

We hope that the addition of WoNK to Magic fan nomenclature will prove beneficial, and we will use it in our stories, as necessary, going forward.

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