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NBA Draft 2014: Nickname the Magic's pick from Denver or New York

Orlando will receive a first-round Draft choice from either the Nuggets or Knicks in 2014. We want you to nickname it.


The Orlando Magic will have their own Draft pick in 2014, and it'll almost assuredly land in the lottery. But Orlando has a bonus pick, of sorts, coming its way as a result of the Dwight Howard trade in August 2012. In addition to their own first-rounder, the Magic will receive an additional first-rounder from either the Denver Nuggets or the New York Knicks, depending on which pick is lowest, i.e., latest in the round.

Given that the Magic's focus is building for the future, the team's fans will certainly spend a fair amount of time in the 2013/14 season speculating about that pick. What we're asking--based on a suggestion by Orlando Pinstriped Post community member Leandro. in a FanPost by mr. shiver--is for you to nickname the pick.

After all, "the future pick from Denver or New York" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue or the keyboard. We're looking for something compact, and not altogether dissimilar to the nicknames that fans of other teams have devised. Think Dallas Mavericks fans referring to Erick Dampier's expiring contract as the DUST Chip (Dampier Ultimate Sign-and-Trade), or Brooklyn Nets supporters with HBaP (Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, and a Pick).

Post your best Knicks/Nuggets pick nickname in the comments and recommend the submissions that you like. This exercise will let us have some fun, sure, but it'll also streamline the process of referring to what could be a key part of the Magic's future going forward.

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