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Vote: Who is the Magic's leader?

Which player is the Magic's on- and off-court leader? One NBA podcast tried to tackle that question Wednesday.

Jacque Vaughn and Jameer Nelson
Jacque Vaughn and Jameer Nelson
Gregory Shamus

The folks at The Double Bonus, an NBA podcast, posed an interesting question on their newest episode, published Wednesday: "Whose team is this?" Essentially, co-hosts Doug Branson and Matty Ice wanted to suss out who the leaders of some of the NBA's rebuilding teams are, and they solicited Orlando Pinstriped Post's input regarding the Orlando Magic.

"Whose team is this?" begins at the 22:51 mark of Wednesday's show, and the Magic portion of the podcast starts at 29:30.

Ice picked Arron Afflalo. "You go up and down that roster, there's not a whole lot to hang your hat on there," Ice said. "Jameer Nelson is old and Glen 'Big Baby' Davis has been hurt a lot lately. Arron Afflalo, not only can he get it done offensively, but defensively."

Branson, for his part, disagreed with his colleague, picking rookie guard Victor Oladipo. "There isn't a major presence on this team. They've been gutted ever since Dwight Howard left, so I went with Oladipo being the fresh, young face of the franchise."

I chose Nelson as the team's leader--though also acknowledging the roles that Davis and Afflalo play in the locker room--leaving both Ice and Benson in the wrong. "I'd have to say that the Magic are Jameer Nelson's team," I wrote to the hosts in an email. "They won't be in five years, and maybe not even next year, but for now, he's the engine that drives Orlando."

I want to explore the leadership question in greater detail here, and leave it up to Magic fans. To which player, or group of players, do the Magic belong? And when it comes to shaping the future of the team, how confident are you in Orlando's locker-room leaders?

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