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NBA offseason 2013: Magic's Arron Afflalo explains training regimen

The Magic swingman is taking a new, multi-disciplinary approach to his offseason training.

Arron Afflalo
Arron Afflalo

Due to a strained hamstring, Arron Afflalo missed the final 12 games of the Orlando Magic's season. As he writes in the latest blog entry for his official website, Afflalo hopes to come back stronger than ever, and he's undertaken a new, 12-week training program to accomplish that goal.

"Right now it's all about my body," Afflalo says. "I'm working on improving the explosiveness in my legs, my overall strength of my upper body and then my conditioning."

This approach is a new one for Afflalo, who says he's previously dabbled with some of the disciplines--"boxing, some swimming, a lot of aquatic stuff and basic sprints"--in this program, but never "with this level and this intensity."

Orlando fans are surely counting on Afflalo to play effectively in his return to the court, and if this update is any indication, the UCLA product is working hard to make sure he's at his best.

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