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NBA Draft 2013 rumor: Magic could trade down from second overall pick, according to report

A report indicates that "quite a few" potential trade partners have expressed an interest in acquiring from Orlando the second pick in June's Draft


The Orlando Magic continue to evaluate their options with the second overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, set for June 27th, and one such option is trading down. According to Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel, citing a source, the Magic are "considering moving down." Further, Schmitz's source said "quite a few" teams are interesting in acquiring the pick.

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The Magic were previously said to be interested in nine players, so certainly at least one prospect from that group would be available even if Orlando traded out of the top five. And if moving back enables the Magic to pick up another future asset, or to divest themselves of a bad contract, then that move is something for general manager Rob Hennigan to consider.

Orlando had the best odds of winning the top pick in the 2013 Draft, but the Cleveland Cavaliers leapfrogged it in the Lottery to earn their third number-one choice in the last three seasons. Orlando has picked first three times in its 24-year history, but has never otherwise selected higher than fourth overall.

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