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Orlando Pinstriped Post Mailbag no. 3: Talking CJ McCollum, Michael Carter-Williams, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

It's Draft night. Let's talk about some prospects at the last minute.

CJ McCollum
CJ McCollum

This is our third installment of the Orlando Pinstriped Post Mailbag. We've gotten a great amount of feedback and questions from you guys. Evan and I really appreciate that and hope to answer these the best way we can. With the Draft tonight, it makes sense to take a look at a question posed to us regarding certain prospects. Remember: you can send us questions at any time. E-mail us at


Tarrence asks:

Why aren't CJ McCollum, Michael Carter-Williams and Tim Hardaway Jr., on the Magic's radar?

At this point, it's pretty safe to assume that everyone is on Orlando's radar. From everything we've gathered, Rob Hennigan and his staff are thoroughly scouting nearly every prospect in the draft. It seems like Hennigan and company are doing their due diligence and I would be hard-pressed to find a player NOT on their radar. Evan's talked about it before (and so have others here) but Orlando scouts players in case future trades come to fruition. They'd like to have detailed reports on every young player in the league in case a player becomes available in the future. Trust me when I say this: they know a whole lot about McCollum, MCW and Hardaway Jr.

Also, you have to think about where the Magic are in this draft. As of now, they hold the No. 2 and the No. 51 pick. McCollum and Carter-Williams are potential Top 10 picks but No. 2 is too high for either. McCollum is a guy I really like and root for but he has his issues that suggest he shouldn't be selected above Victor Oladipo, Ben McLemore or Trey Burke. There's questions of whether he can play the point guard spot in the NBA, whether he can be (at least) a league average defender and whether he can finish inside against bigs who are much bigger and stronger than the guys in the Patriot League. He can shoot the lights out, he can break defenders down one-on-one and if the Magic trade down then he should be a target. but you can't mess up the No. 2 pick and there will be better players available at that spot.

Carter-Williams is big and has decent point guard skills but lacks a semblance of a jump shot and couldn't score at the rim, which is concerning for a guard his size. There's a weird obsession with huge point guards but very few of them actually work out, especially when they shoot under 45 percent from 2-pointers and under 30 percent from three. And we haven't even mentioned how he'll be 22 in October. If the Magic trade back to that 15-20 range and he's available then he's worth the pick because there's less risk. But you can't take him at No. 2.

I like Tim Hardaway Jr. He's a solid shooter and is decently athletic. But the best part? No one is expecting him inside of the Top 20. He's not a real risk at that late first round-early second round range. The problem with the Magic? He's obviously not a Top 2 prospect and he'll probably be gone when the Magic select at No. 51. This doesn't mean he isn't on Orlando's radar; he just won't be available when the Magic pick. If a Draft night trade goes down and the Magic can pick him up somewhere between 25-35 then it's not a bad pick. But as of right now, with the picks the Magic have, there's no way he comes to Orlando.


Thanks for the questions, guys. We've been extremely happy with the amount of questions you guys are sending. Feel free to send more about whoever the Magic select tonight and we'll be happy to answer. You can e-mail us at