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Orlando Pinstriped Post Community Mock Draft results

The results are in! Check out the OPP 2013 Community Mock Draft.


1. Cleveland Cavaliers, travell7288, Alex Len

2. Orlando Magic, Magicfanjr, Nerlens Noel

3. Washington Wizards, Travis314, Otto Porter

4. Charlotte Bobcats, Nick DC, Victor Oladipo

5. Phoenix Suns, ORLMagicStuff, Ben McLemore

6. New Orleans Pelicans, cgsimone, Trey Burke

7. Sacramento Kings, Evan Dunlap, Anthony Bennett

8. Detroit Pistons, Mr.Hoss, CJ McCollum

9. Minnesota Timberwolves, INTOTHEMEATGRINDER, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

10. Portland Trail Blazers, hisaoawesome, Steven Adams

11. Philadelphia 76ers, HeyRiles, Cody Zeller

12. Oklahoma City Thunder, BigMac12111, Kelly Olynyk

13. Dallas Mavericks, slayter, Shabazz Muhammad

14. Utah Jazz, JW10, Shane Larkin

15. Milwaukee Bucks, Lil J, Sergey Karasev

16. Boston Celtics, warrior1141, Dennis Schroeder

17. Atlanta Hawks, khlotsesh, Michael Carter-Williams

18. Atlanta Hawks, khlotsesh, Giannis Antetokounmpo

19. Cleveland Cavaliers, travell7288, Reggie Bullock

20. Chicago Bulls, The BBQ Chicken Madness, Gorgui Dieng

21. Utah Jazz, JW10, Tony Mitchell

22. Brooklyn Nets, 3.3seconds, Isaiah Canaan

23. Indiana Pacers, nserraes, Erick Green

24. New York Knicks, labs03, Lucas Nogueira

25. Los Angeles Clippers, fregonassi, Rudy Gobert

26. Minnesota Timberwolves, INTOTHEMEATGRINDER, Allen Crabbe

27. Denver Nuggets, Tyler Lashbrook, Ricky Ledo

28. San Antonio Spurs, guestwhat, Tim Hardaway Jr.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder, BigMac12111, Tony Snell

30. Phoenix Suns, ORLMagicStuff, Pierre Jackson

Some notes:

  • travell7288 took Alex Len from Maryland with the No. 1 pick, leaving Magicfanjr with former Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel. Len fits the Cavaliers' "win-now" bill while Noel becomes another young asset to the rebuilding Orlando Magic.
  • Life is good if your HeyRiles. Riles had Cody Zeller as his third best prospect but was still able to pick the Indiana big man when he fell to the 76ers at No. 11.
  • BigMac12111 is out here stacking up on shooters to place around Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. He snagged a potential stretch-4 in Olynyk at No. 12 then grabbed Tony Snell, a silky-smooth threee-point shooter, at the bottom of round one.
  • khlotsesh doubled up on two prospects thought to have the most upside by draft experts. Carter-Williams has his shortcomings but picking him at 17 is pretty decent value and wouldn't be too high to draft him. Giannis Antetokounmpo can be stashed away overseas and remain off the books for a year or two.
  • labs03 rated Nogueira, the Brazilian big man, high on his board so shouts out to you for picking him up at No. 24.
  • The thought of Dieng in Tom Thibodeau's defense makes me drool.

Thanks for everyone who took the time to list out prospects and take part in this fun exercise. I hope everyone's happy with their team's results. Be sure to check in to the live-thread tonight for the Draft. I'll be hanging out in there with everyone and it should be a blast. The Draft really is one of my favorite times of the year.