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Rob Hennigan: Magic haven't discussed Clippers trade "in almost three weeks," would be "stunned" if one happened.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Orlando's GM said he hasn't had any trade talks with L.A. in "almost three weeks."

Eric Bledsoe
Eric Bledsoe

Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan addressed the media on Wednesday in advance of the 2013 NBA Draft, scheduled for Thursday evening.

When asked about a potential trade with the Los Angeles Clippers involving young point guard Eric Bledsoe, Hennigan said that "we haven't had a drop of, or an ounce of, communication with the Clippers for almost three weeks.

"So if we're about to make a trade with them, I guess I missed that memo."

To be specific, Hennigan said he talked with L.A. "a little after the Combine," which took place in Chicago in late May. He said those talks were "exploratory in nature and nothing specific, really. I don't know where that stuff's coming from."

Overall, Hennigan said he'd be "stunned" if Orlando completed a trade with the Clippers.

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