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Announcing the Orlando Pinstriped Post Mailbag

OPP invites its readers to submit questions for a regular Mailbag feature.

Jacque Vaughn
Jacque Vaughn

I'm pleased to announce the début of a new feature here at Orlando Pinstriped Post: the Orlando Pinstriped Post Mailbag. Tyler Lashbrook and I will field your questions about the Orlando Magic at least once a week, depending on how many questions we receive.

To submit your Mailbag questions, please email In your submissions, please include your OPP username so that we may properly identify you in our responses, which we'll post on the site. We also welcome submissions from folks who do not have OPP usernames.

For now, Tyler will handle Draft and prospect questions, while I will address more general topics. Our plan is to open the series with a general Mailbag, and then move into Draft coverage, but we'll adapt based on the kind of questions we receive.

Please submit your questions now. We hope to have some fun with these posts, and we look forward to hearing what you've got to say.

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