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NBA Draft Lottery 2013: Magic to pick second as Cavaliers win top selection

The Magic will select 2nd in the 2013 NBA Draft, which is scheduled for June 27th.


The NBA held its Draft Lottery on Tuesday night, revealing the order in which teams will select in the 2013 Draft. The Orlando Magic, who had a 25 percent chance of winning the lottery, will pick 2nd on June 27th. The Cleveland Cavaliers, who had a 15.6 percent chance of winning the top pick, came away victorious. The Cavs also picked first overall in 2011 as a result of a previous trade with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Washington Wizards jumped from 8th to 3rd, marking the biggest surprise of 2013. The Charlotte Bobcats and Phoenix Suns round out the top five, respectively.

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Pat Williams, the Magic's Senior Vice President, represented Orlando at the lottery, armed with a good-luck charm named Peace Man that the daughter of Alex Martins, Orlando's CEO, furnished him. Williams was present when the Magic won the lottery in 1992, 1993, and 2004.

Prior to Tuesday, Orlando had not dropped in lottery position since 2000, when it was slotted to pick third but fell to fifth. Despite the bad luck, the situation worked out for the Magic: Mike Miller, Orlando's selection at no. 5, went on to win Rookie of the Year honors.

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