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With Magic out of the NBA Playoffs, which team are you supporting?

The Magic's season is over, but the NBA Playoffs begin Saturday.

Doc Rivers
Doc Rivers

For the first time since 2005/06, the Orlando Magic find themselves out of the postseason. They missed it by a mile, finishing with a 20-62 record, the league's worst.

Orlando's season is over, but the NBA marches onward. With the playoffs set to begin Saturday, now's an appropriate time to pose this question: which team are Magic fans supporting in the postseason?

Some choices are more obvious than others. Former Orlando fan-favorite J.J. Redick leads the Milwaukee Bucks against the Miami Heat, but Milwaukee doesn't stand much of a shot against the defending champions. Doc Rivers won Coach of the Year honors with Orlando more than a decade ago, and his Boston Celtics are set to take on the New York Knicks.

Of course, Magic fans don't necessarily have to support a team with a player or coach who has Orlando ties. The Denver Nuggets, for example, are one of the league's most fun and exciting teams, and they stand a decent chance of advancing deep into the postseason.

Which team has your support and attention now?

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