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An NBA podcast buries the Magic

The Basketball Jones eulogized Orlando on Thursday's show. "This is a celebration of Magic life," said host J.E. Skeets.

Jacque Vaughn
Jacque Vaughn
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Orlando Magic reached a new low on Wednesday, squandering a 19-point lead against the Charlotte Bobcats, who own the league's worst record, to lose their eighth straight game. At 18-54, the Magic's win percentage, .250, is the lowest it's been all year.

After that loss to Charlotte, the fellas at The Basketball Jones podcast used Thursday's show to eulogize the Magic, and they did so with the irreverent wit that's made the show such a success.

"This is a celebration of Magic life," said J.E. Skeets, encouraging cohost Tas Melas to share his memories of the team. Melas encouraged Hedo Türkoğlu, who served a 20-game suspension for violating the NBA's banned substances policy, to indulge in all the steroids he wants, and said Jameer Nelson is now free to be whichever player he wants to be. "Last year, at All-Star Weekend, he basically told us he wanted to have everyone else's skill set in the NBA," Melas said of Nelson. "He didn't seem like he wanted to be himself."

"I think the thing I'm gonna miss most is how much Josh McRoberts looks like Charlie from It's Always Sunny," Trey Kerby said, referring to the actor Charlie Day and the TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Show director Matt Osten took the opportunity to say some kind words about Orlando center Nik Vučević, whose contributions helped Osten's fantasy hoops team. "You're from Switzerland so forgive me for not being neutral," Osten said, "but I miss the Hell out of you. More than you'll ever know."

Skeets closed the segment with a poem, riffing on Kendrick Lamar's song "Black Boy Fly":

I used to be jealous of Arron Afflalo
I used to be jealous of Arron Afflalo
He was the one to follow
But then he ended up in Orlando
And we all lived in sorrow

The Magic eulogy segment begins at around the 43:25 mark of Thursday's show, which is available for free at and in the iTunes podcast catalog.

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