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Magic rookie Victor Oladipo to appear on Crowd Goes Wild

The Indiana product will sit down with Regis Philbin on Thursday.

Victor Oladipo
Victor Oladipo
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Orlando Magic rookie Victor Oladipo will be a guest of Regis Philbin's on the Thursday edition of Crowd Goes Wild, which program airs at 5 PM Eastern on Fox Sports 1. Oladipo is in Manhattan, home of Fox Sports 1, in preparation for his team's game against the New York Knicks on Friday.

In Orlando, Fox Sports 1 is available on channel 1153 for Bright House customers, 1652 on AT&T U-Verse, 1620 on CenturyLink, 219 on DirecTV, and 150 on DISH Network. Visit this link to find listings for your provider in your area.

Magic sideline reporter Dante Marchitelli tweeted this photo of Oladipo with Philbin early Thursday afternoon.