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Tell us about your Magic Christmas

If you got any Magic-themed items for the holidays, we'd like to see them.

Kane Fitzgerald and Scott Foster
Kane Fitzgerald and Scott Foster
Rich Schultz

We at Orlando Pinstriped Post hope you enjoyed a safe and happy Christmas. We're also interested in knowing what Orlando Magic-themed gifts you might have received this holiday season.

If you got any Magic gifts--be they jerseys, hats, apparel for your pets, anything--please post a photo of them in this thread or on our Facebook page, tweet them to @OPPMagicBlog, or otherwise describe them in the comments here.

Even if you didn't get any Magic-themed gifts, there's a chance you may have gotten a gift card or cash from your friends or family. If so, do you plan on applying that money toward a Magic purchase?

And apart from material goods, how was your holiday? What was on the menu? Where, how, and with whom did you celebrate?