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NBA trade rumor: Magic "would entertain" offers for Jameer Nelson and Glen Davis, according to report

Orlando isn't actively shopping the pair of veterans, a report indicates, but would consider moving them for the right price.

Jameer Nelson
Jameer Nelson
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

While the Orlando Magic aren't eager to trade either Jameer Nelson or Glen Davis, the team "would entertain" dealing them under the right circumstances, reports Steve Kyler of HOOPSWORLD. In addition, the Magic "are turning away calls and offers" regarding Arron Afflalo, their third high-profile veteran. Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports also said Monday that Orlando was rebuffing inquiries about Afflalo.

According to Kyler, the Magic don't want to tack back long-term money, which reluctance could complicate their attempts to make a deal before the 2014 NBA trading deadline on February 20th.

Those three Magic veterans figure to pop up in trade rumors leading up to the deadline, given their potential value to playoff teams looking to bolster their chances of postseason success and their ages relative to Orlando's rebuilding timeline. Nelson, who turns 32 just 11 days before the deadline, is Orlando's oldest player excepting Hedo Türkoğlu, whom the team has exiled even though he's still under contract. Afflalo is 28 and Davis turns 28 on January 1st.

A trade or outright release appear to be the most likely outcomes for the Türkoğlu situation, given his rejection of the Magic's buyout offer. Kyler goes into greater detail on those possibilities in his report.