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Magic vs. Nets: Former teammates Jacque Vaughn and Jason Kidd square off as coaches

Jacque Vaughn and Jason Kidd have known each other for more than half their lives, having battled against each other on the California high-school circuit in the early 1990s. Now, in late 2013, the NBA teams they coach are set to face off for the first time: Vaughn's Orlando Magic host Kidd's Brooklyn Nets on Sunday in Kidd's first regular-season game as Brooklyn's coach.

Saturday, Vaughn paid a compliment to his former high-school rival. "If the criteria [for a coach] was a guy who is a leader, who knows the game, who can communicate and relate to guys, then he definitely checks all those boxes," Vaughn said. Kidd returned the favor Sunday, addressing the media outside the visitors' locker room at Amway Center.

"Jacque is a true professional as a teammate," Kidd said, "[the] first one there [and] last one to leave. Works extremely hard, did whatever the coach and his teammates asked of him. I think that's probably the same thing you're gonna see from him as a coach: He's a competitor. He's going to have his teams always ready to play at a high level."

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