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Orlando Magic 25th anniversary: Team relocates commemorative on-court logos

Orlando commemorated the start of its 25th season with special logos on the Amway Center floor for its first two home games, but those logos have moved.

The Amway Center court
The Amway Center court
Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

The Orlando Magic opened the home portion of their 25th anniversary season on November 1st with two commemorative logos on the Amway Center floor--one on each of the left wings--as they took on the New Orleans Pelicans. Those logos were also present for their victory against the Brooklyn Nets two nights later.

But the logos have relocated in the two home games since, as the embedded screengrab from the team's November 6th win over the Los Angeles Clippers demonstrates. Smaller versions of the logo now appear on the so-called "apron" which surrounds the floor instead of on the court itself.

Magic fans need not fear: the logos will return to the floor proper for the final two home games of the team's season, Orlando Pinstriped Post has learned. Those dates are April 11th, 2014, against the Washington Wizards and April 16th, 2014, against the Indiana Pacers. Until those games, the anniversary logos will remain on the apron.

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