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Magic rumor: Orlando open to trading Jameer Nelson, according to report

Orlando would deal the veteran point guard, a report says, if it could obtain a future first-round Draft pick in return.

Jameer Nelson
Jameer Nelson
Hannah Foslien

The Orlando Magic are open to trading veteran point guard Jameer Nelson, reports Marc Stein of, and would do so "today" if they could receive a future first-round Draft pick in return. "Orlando GM Rob Hennigan continues to chase draft picks and young assets above all else as he remakes the Magic," Stein says.

According to ShamSports, Nelson is owed $8.6 million in 2013/14 and has another season, worth $8 million, remaining on the contract he signed in 2012. However, only $2 million of that final season is guaranteed, making Nelson a semi-expiring contract.

Whether the Magic will be able to land a future first-round Draft pick in exchange for their all-time assists leader is an open question. As Stein notes, teams are more reluctant than ever to part with such picks. The Washington Wizards surrendered a top-12 protected first-rounder to the Phoenix Suns in a trade for Marcin Gortat, but Washington is a unique case, given its mandate from ownership to win now at nearly any cost.

"Perhaps a contender will be willing to make that [first-round pick] sacrifice as we get deeper into the season," Stein says, "needing that one last piece for a playoff push, but first-rounders and their precious rookie-scale contracts are, well, precious."

Nelson has spent his entire career, now in his 10th season, with the Magic. He owns career averages of 12.6 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 5.2 assists.

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