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Orlando Magic 25th anniversary: Pepsi to release commemorative cans

The cans from the team's "official non-alcoholic beverage and salty snack partner" commemorate Orlando's 25th anniversary and will soon be available at Central Florida retailers.

The Orlando Magic continue to celebrate their 25th anniversary in style.

Tuesday morning, the team announced that Pepsi, its "official non-alcoholic beverage and salty snack partner," will release limited-edition cans commemorating the team's 25th anniversary. The cans, adorned with the team's 25th-anniversary logo, will be available at Central Florida retailers later this week while supplies last.

In addition to appearing on retailer shelves later in the week, the new can design is also featured on Pepsi delivery trucks. Pepsi is a Champions of the Community sponsor of the Magic.

"This 25th anniversary Pepsi can is a great way to celebrate with local Magic fans and we look forward to another great season," said Rich Panner, PepsiCo's North America Beverages Southeast Regional Vice President, in a press release.

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