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Magic teammates assess Victor Oladipo

A collection of what the Magic had to say about the number-two pick on Media Day.

Victor Oladipo
Victor Oladipo
Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Apart from the standard questions about offseason workout routines and goals for the season ahead, it seemed that every member of the Orlando Magic faced at least one Media Day query regarding Victor Oladipo, the second overall pick in June's NBA Draft.

Here's a collection of what the Magic had to say about Oladipo during Monday's event.

Arron Afflalo:

Obviously he's athletic and young and energetic, but he has a great motor, great lateral quickness on the defensive end of the court, so he can help us there now. Then he's got an ability to get in the paint. He's got a strong upper body so there'll be some more playmaking out there for him

Maurice Harkless:

He's a great kid. He works hard, he's easy to be around, he's funny. I like being around him personally. I think he has a bright future.

General manager Rob Hennigan:

We look forward to seeing Victor out there and our expectation of him from day one will come down to competitiveness and consistency.

Hennigan, part two:

We want Victor to come in and compete, play as hard as he can, and impact the game on both ends of the floor.

E'Twaun Moore:

He's definitely good. He's very energetic. Never seen him get tired. He's always moving offensively, defensively. He'll bring a lot of excitement.

Andrew Nicholson:

Good singer. Good singer.

Nicholson, part two:

He's a great defender. Plays well on offense. Overall good guy off the court.

Kyle O'Quinn:

The kid works. He works, he works very hard. That's a good sign because if he might not get it the first time, you know he'll work for it to be a part. When he got here, all he wanted... he just wanted to be a part. With all the young guys we had, he just said, 'what can I do? What can I do?' You don't hear many number-two picks saying, 'what can I do to fit in with you guys?' It's usually, 'listen, I'm here now.' And he doesn't carry that attitude and he's a good guy. A good teammate.

Coach Jacque Vaughn:

I think our past has shown that we put guys on the floor. That's the greatest way for them to learn this game at this level. He'll have his chances to be on the floor, but he'll earn those minutes at the same time. He's a guy that's gonna bring a certain amount of work ethic to our practice and the games that I think our fans will be excited to see.

Oladipo participated in his first practice at the NBA level on Tuesday. The team reconvenes Wednesday for another practice.

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