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Photos: J.J. Redick Visits Russell Home, Donates $25,000

The Rich and Helen DeVos Community Enrichment Award-winner visited the Russell Home for Atypical Children and made a $25,000 donation.

As part of winning the 2011/12 Rich and Helen DeVos Community Enrichment Award, Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick earned $50,000 to donate to a charity of his choice. Wednesday, Redick, his wife Chelsea, community ambassador Bo Outlaw, and Stuff visited the Russell Home for Atypical Children to make a $25,000 donation to the facility, which serves brain-damaged children and adults. On the Magic's official website, John Denton has more on Redick's visit.

"Within five minutes of being here we knew this is where we wanted to give our money because it’s an incredible place with wonderful people," Redick told Denton. "It’s very gratifying to give this money to them and hopefully we’ll get them along their way toward building a new home." As Denton notes, the Russell Home does not accept state, federal, or local funding, and instead relies on the generosity of donors such as Redick.

The Redicks plan to solicit suggestions for which organization will receive the remaining $25,000 in grant money.

For more information on the Russell Home, including how to make a donation of your own, please visit

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