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NBA Word Association: To Orlando Magic, SB Nation Bloggers Unkind

Kevork Djansezian- Getty Images Sport

What word, or phrase, immediately comes to mind when NBA bloggers are asked to think about the Orlando Magic? If one puts any stock in the results of an anonymous survey of SB Nation's NBA site managers, the answers aren't pretty.

Of the 25 site managers to respond to the survey, of which you can keep track by searching Twitter for #NBAWordAssociation, 18 responded with negative words when asked specifically about Orlando.

"Centerless," wrote two bloggers. "Fodder," wrote another. "NBA big man training facility," said yet another, alluding to both Shaquille O'Neal and Dwight Howard leaving Orlando to join the Los Angeles Lakers. "Dysfunctional." "Tragic." "Screwed." "Snakebitten." The list continues with such words.

Two writers chose not to accentuate the negative, instead associating the word "pinstripes" with the City Beautiful's NBA squad. Two more chose the word "rebuilding," a word which does not necessarily have a negative connotation.

The near-complete list follows the jump; I omitted one word due to its being offensive and completely inappropriate for this exercise.

Centerless Pinstripes Rebuilding Lacking
Dumped Threes Disappointing Snakebitten
Crater Fodder Jilted Unfulfilled
Centerless [redacted-offensive] Pinstripe Dwight
Redo NBA big man training facility Rebuilding Disfunctional
Tragic Screwed Rollercoaster Stopover

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