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NBA Three-on-Three: Orlando Magic to Face Detroit Pistons in SB Nation Tournament

The Orlando Magic square off against the Detroit Pistons In SB Nation's NBA three-on-three tournament.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

Prompted by reports that FIBA, international hoops' governing body, may add three-on-three basketball to the Olympics as soon as 2016, SB Nation's NBA sites are staging an imaginal three-on-three tournament with teams derived from NBA rosters. You can follow the entire tournament in this StoryStream, and view the bracket in this post. The Orlando Magic's squad is point guard Jameer Nelson, shooting guard Arron Afflalo, and center Gustavo Ayón, for reasons I outlined in this post.

The Magic face off against the Detroit Pistons' squad of point guard Rodney Stuckey, combo forward Jonas Jerebko, and center Greg Monroe on Tuesday, on which day SB Nation's judges will attempt to hash out how a three-on-three game between those teams would transpire. Detroit Bad Boys, SB Nation's Pistons blog, named Stuckey and Monroe to the team, allowing the readers to select Jerebko as its third player.

In advance of that matchup, I wanted to survey the Orlando Pinstriped Post community. Which threesome would prevail in a head-to-head matchup? Why? Please vote in the poll--which follows the jump--and explain your reasoning in the comments, if you wish.

Before voting in the poll, please consider the rules of the three-on-three tournament:

  • Half court,

  • two- and three- point baskets,

  • free throws on shooting fouls,

  • bonus after seven fouls,

  • losers' outs,

  • clear change of possession to the three-point line,

  • one ten-minute period or first to 31,

  • best two out of three.

My analysis? I can imagine the lower-seeded Pistons giving Orlando fits, as Detroit has a considerable size advantage at each position. Afflalo's quickness should enable him to get by Jerebko with relative ease, but he then must contend with the shot-blocking Monroe patrolling the middle. Even if Nelson can stay in front of Stuckey, the Eastern Washington product can elevate for a jump shot at any time against the 6-foot Nelson.

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