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Jacque Vaughn Introductory Press Conference Recap

Sitting in the middle of Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins and GM Rob Hennigan at the official introduction was the new head coach Jacque Vaughn who appeared to be poised, confident, and humbled with an opportunity for something pristine, something fresh, and something challenging.

"Today the destiny starts." Vaughn echoed.

Hiring Vaughn is a step in the right direction for the Magic as they progress forward after a tumultuous season of endless trade requests from Dwight Howard, questions on coaching and management, and of course, locker room blues.

Hennigan knew what qualities to look for in selecting a head coach. Intelligence is one of them and Hennigan repeated a tidbit his father once told him:

"If you're ever in the situation that you're hiring somebody, hire somebody smarter than you." Hennigan resonated.

Vaughn embodied that saying and it was without a doubt in Hennigan's mind to choose him for the position, even though the two have worked together in the past for the Spurs.

Vaughn's ability to communicate is another one of the many qualities the Magic as an organization sought for in the process of hiring the "right" coach.

"It became pretty clear that his presence, his spirit, his leadership style, his communication style really, really bode well in trying to build what we want to build in trying to create something that will stick." Hennigan said.

But the biggest factor that played a large role into bringing Vaughn was the fact that he played under some of the best coaches in the league such as Doc Rivers, Jerry Sloan and Gregg Popovich where some have won championships. And that includes championships from a collegiate level like current University of North Carolina Tar Heels head coach Roy Williams who once coached the University of Kansas Jayhawks basketball team featuring players current NBA players Paul Pierce, Drew Gooden or Kirk Hinrich.

Vaughn expressed his gratitude towards Williams, Sloan and Popovich who all shared a common trait: enjoying day-to-day competition.

"[Williams'] ability to show me how to believe in guys and care for them more than when they're just on the basketball floor, for that, he is the epitome of a great coach." Vaughn said. "Sloan taught me the will to compete and consistency. [But], out of the five or six years I've been around a gentleman who just goes by the name of Pop. I've emulated him, I've taken notes, I've shared an office - he's been unbelievable to me to allow me to be around his brilliance and from that, I thank him tremendously."

Overall, Vaughn seemed to exhibit a positive attitude - something that could be the missing puzzle piece for this Orlando Magic franchise.

"I believe he is going to lead our basketball operations in coaching to some great, great successes in the future." Martins said.