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The Latest on Dwight Howard: Deal is Not Imminent


Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports that Los Angeles Lakers officials continue to speak with the Orlando Magic about a possible Dwight Howard trade, but a deal did not appear imminent. Spears writes that conversations between the Lakers and Magic have become more frequent in recent days, but that a number of obstacles need to be resolved, including Howard committing long-term with the Lakers. According to Spears, Howard has spent his offseason in Los Angeles and has warmed to the possibility of joining the Lakers, but remains wary about following in the footsteps of former Magic and Lakers' center Shaquille O'Neal.

The Magic are also seeking draft picks - in addition to Lakers' center Andrew Bynum - as part of a package for Howard. However, the Lakers have already sent their 2013 and 2015 first-round picks to the Phoenix Suns in the Steve Nash sign-and-trade deal. Teams are forbidden by the NBA from trading first-round picks in consecutive years.

Spears also writes that the Houston Rockets continue to talk with the Magic about a possible Howard trade. Nothing is imminent on that front also.