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Samsung Favorite Sports Highlight: Nick Anderson Robs Michael Jordan

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After 23 seasons, the Orlando Magic aren't short on highlights. Since joining the NBA, they've employed some of the greatest players in league history (Shaquille O'Neal, Dwight Howard) and of their era (Anfernee Hardaway, Tracy McGrady).

Weirdly enough, none of those franchise greats appears in Orlando Pinstriped Post's favorite Magic highlight, something the folks at Samsung asked OPP to share. No, it's Nick Anderson stealing the ball from Michael Jordan in Game One of the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Chicago Bulls.

The Bulls had the ball and a one-point edge with 18 seconds remaining. Jordan took the inbounds pass and headed upcourt, but he didn't see Anderson... oh, hell, just watch the highlight:

The Magic went on to beat Chicago and the Indiana Pacers to advance to their first NBA Finals in franchise history, in which the Houston Rockets swept them. Still, it was a fun ride to the league's title series, with Anderson's takeaway from Jordan providing the most memorable moment.

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