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SB Nation Studios on YouTube

Orlando Pinstriped Post readers,

On March 1st, SB Nation continued its expansion by launching the SB Nation YouTube channel, which features five original weekly shows. Its mission is to bring to film the same brand of unique, local perspective that's made the SB Nation network of sites a smashing success. SB Nation Studios' videos aren't stiff or stuffy or pretentious; they're utterly original, and true to the creators they feature.

SB Nation Studios' programming includes, but is not limited to, Shutdown Fullback (college football, new on Fridays), Bomani & Jones (featuring the noted sports personality Bomani Jones, new on Mondays and Thursdays), Full Nelson (sports news with a twist, featuring Amy K. Nelson, new on Wednesdays), The Sporting Gentlemen (sports news and comedy), and Rob's Mailbag (major-league baseball, featuring Rob Neyer, new on Wednesdays).

SB Nation Studios is available on YouTube and Twitter.

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