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Sponsored Post: Grooming the Orlando Magic, Part Two

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US Presswire

This post sponsored by adidas.

It seems as though Orlando Pinstriped Post made a glaring omission in its initial survey of Orlando Magic hairstyles, which appeared on Tuesday. Your correspondent rightly honored coach Stan Van Gundy for his mustache and noted the difficulty he had in selecting the best hairstyle--be it facial or otherwise--in team history, but somehow managed to overlook Greg Kite.

I now aim to rectify this mistake.

You'll have to forgive me for letting Kite slip my mind, as his days in Magic pinstripes came before my time; his final season in Orlando came in 1993/94, or about two years before I began watching basketball, and he joined the team in just its second year of existence.

Though obscure by NBA standards, Kite stood out for his physical inside play and the magnificent 'stache parked on his upper lip. It was the sort of 'stache an NBA enforcer might wear, and that was precisely Kite's role; he averaged more than one foul every six minutes in eight of his 12 NBA seasons.

Kite's first season in Orlando proved to be the finest of his career, as the former BYU Cougar averaged 4.8 points and 7.2 boards in 27.1 minutes. He enjoyed far more team success with the Boston Celtics, however, winning two championships with them prior to his Orlando days.

Kite currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for an Altamonte Springs-based asset management firm, and I'm pleased to learn he's still rocking that mustache.

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