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NBA Rumors: Orlando Magic to Pursue "Splashy" Trade, but Unlikely to Succeed, According to Report

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Orlando Magic "will spend the next week and a half" before the March 15th NBA trade deadline trying to acquire players like Steve Nash or Monta Ellis, reports Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD, rather than fielding trade offers for Dwight Howard. "The organization wants to bring in a second star to appease Howard," says Kennedy, "but that’s easier said than done given Orlando’s assets."

Indeed, Orlando lacks the sort of trade pieces that could bring back a player of Nash's or Ellis' caliber. According to Kennedy, other teams believe Ryan Anderson, Earl Clark, Jameer Nelson, and J.J. Redick are the Magic's "most attractive assets," but they aren't attractive enough. "Unless they're able to involve a third team, it'll be difficult for them to add a significant piece prior to the deadline."

Kennedy also reports the reason the Magic didn't offer Anderson a contract extension before the January deadline for fourth-year players is because of the uncertainty surrounding Howard. If Anderson, 23, is merely a product of Orlando's three-point-happy offense and the double-team attention Howard commands, then the Magic didn't want to risk overpaying him. They'll wait until the offseason, when Anderson is a restricted free agent, to revisit his value.

Overall, Kennedy says, "the odds are against" the Magic pulling off a major trade before the Narch 15th deadline.

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