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NBA issues flop warning to Gustavo Ayón

The second-year Magic center earned a warning for flopping against Robin Lopez in Orlando's loss to New Orleans on Wednesday.

Gustavo Ayón
Gustavo Ayón

The NBA issued a flop warning to Orlando Magic big man Gustavo Ayón on Saturday, making Ayón the first Orlando player to earn such a warning since the league announced before the season a new policy designed to curb flopping. Specifically, the league busted Ayón for taking a dive against New Orleans Hornets center Robin Lopez during Orlando's loss on Wednesday.

At the 1:11 mark of the third quarter, Ayón battles Lopez for post position on the right block as the New Orleans center aims to establish himself. Trying to fend off Ayón, Lopez extends his right arm as he readies to catch with his left hand an entry pass from Greivis Vasquez. Ayón embellishes the contact between himself and Lopez and crashes to the floor. The officials made no call against Ayón or Lopez in game action, but the play resulted in free throws for Lopez anyway, as Magic guard E`Twaun Moore had to rotate from the strong-side corner in order to wrap the Stanford product up and prevent him from getting an easy dunk.

As this offense is Ayón's first, he will not be assessed a fine; his punishment is having the video of the play, from several angles, posted on for the world to see. The league will fine Ayón $5,000 for his next offense, with increasing fines for each subsequent flop. The league has detailed the anti-flopping policy on its website.

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