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Belated holiday gifts for Magic players

The holidays are behind us, but not so far behind that we can't discuss potential gifts for Magic players.

Jacque Vaughn and J.J. Redick
Jacque Vaughn and J.J. Redick
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In this sponsored post, Orlando Pinstriped Post suggests holiday gifts for some of the Orlando Magic's players.

  • Arron Afflalo: a voice amplifier
    Afflalo gets hacked on lots of his drives to the rim, but rarely gets the benefit of the whistle. If there were a gadget that could raise his voice, perhaps he could get the attention of the officials more easily.

  • Gustavo Ayón: hand moisturizer
    The Mexican-born center could use softer hands, given the trouble he has catching some passes thrown his way.

  • Glen Davis: a new sportcoat
    Given that the veteran big man is out indefinitely due to a sprained shoulder, it stands to reason that he'll spend some time behind Orlando's bench in street clothes. He might as well do it in style with a new jacket or two.

  • E'Twaun Moore: game film of Keyon Dooling
    A natural shooting guard, Moore serves as Orlando's point guard and has struggled at times to get his team into its offense. Studying film of Dooling, who managed to balance his own score-first tendencies with his responsibilities as a playmaker, ought to benefit Moore.

  • Jameer Nelson: a 2013 calendar
    Nelson has traditionally started his seasons shooting poorly from the field, a trend that's continued in the opening third of the 2012/13 season. Perhaps reminding him that the new year is near will help break his slump.

  • J.J. Redick: an easy chair
    Redick has to carry Orlando's offense on a nightly basis. He's earned a long rest, one he could enjoy, perhaps, in a new recliner.

  • Nikola Vučević: a postcard from the free-throw line
    The seven-footer treats free throws as an occasional indulgence. He needs to score more efficiently, and getting to the line is one way to accomplish that goal.

What are some of your ideas?

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