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Grade the Magic's season through 20 games

Through 20 games--roughly one-quarter of the season--Orlando has compiled an 8-12 record and stands 10th in the East.

Glen Davis and E'Twaun Moore
Glen Davis and E'Twaun Moore
Christian Petersen

After 20 games, the Orlando Magic have an 8-12 record, the 10th-best in the Eastern Conference. Given that one-quarter of the NBA season has elapsed, Jared Wade of the Indiana Pacers blog Eight Points, Nine Seconds and Bleacher Report graded each of the league's team. He gave the Magic a D-plus for their performance thus far.

"If there was one team I could chose not to watch again this season, it would be the Orlando Magic," Wade writes. "They are among the league leaders in mid-range jumpers taken per game despite the fact that they make just 36.9 percent of them, which pegs them as the 22nd-most accurate shooters from that zone. No team that shoots worse has shot as many as the 572 mid-range shots they have put up through 20 games."

A D-plus may seem low for a team that's exceeded expectations--I don't think anyone thought the Magic would win eight of their first 20 games, including their first two--but Wade has a point: Orlando's offense is difficult to watch, ranking 29th in points per possession.

On the plus side, Orlando has gotten solid play from rookie forward Andrew Nicholson and, on the defensive end, ranks eighth in points allowed per possession. Jacque Vaughn, in his first year as a head coach, has shown some promise as well.

So how would you rank the Magic's performance at the one-quarter mark?

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