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Glen Davis seeks advice from Kevin Garnett

The slumping Magic forward called on a former teammate for guidance.

Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis
Kevin Garnett and Glen Davis

Orlando Magic forward Glen Davis is transitioning from being a complementary player through his first five seasons in the league to a featured offensive weapon in his sixth, and it isn't going well, a topic Orlando Pinstriped Post covered Friday morning. The LSU product is shooting just 39.7 percent from the field and has shot just 9-of-22 in his last two games, both Magic losses. He said Friday, as John Denton of reports, that he called former Boston Celtics teammate Kevin Garnett for some counseling.

"I call (Garnett) because we're like brothers and at the end of the day I needed some advice," Davis said following Friday's shootaround, according to Denton. "He was just telling me that I know how to play and to keep playing the right way and let the game come and flow. He said don't press yourself and feel like you have to do everything. I can still be aggressive, but I have to realize that I'm a student now. I have to play the game whole and not just one way. I have to pass it, cut, set screens and be a student."

In his first five seasons--four alongside Garnett in Boston and one as Dwight Howard's caddy with the Magic--Davis posted a usage rate of 19.7 percent and averaged one shot attempt every three minutes. Through four games in 2012/13, his usage rate has skyrocketed to 33.2 percent and he's shooting once every 93 seconds.

It's encouraging to see that Davis understands that he's struggling and that he took it upon himself to get advice. Orlando will be pleased if he's able to ease off the trigger finger a bit and play a more balanced game.

The Magic's first chance to see if Davis took Garnett's lessons to heart comes later Friday night, when Orlando hosts the Brooklyn Nets.

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