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Al Harrington has return date in mind, but won't reveal it, according to report

The Magic acquired Harrington nearly four months ago, but he still hasn't been able to practice with the team, let alone play for it.

Al Harrington
Al Harrington
Brad Barr - US Presswire

Al Harrington has yet to suit up for the Orlando Magic, or even practice for them, and his inability to contribute is "frustrating" the 14-year veteran, writes Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel.

"The fact that I'm not playing yet is just frustrating for me," Harrington said, "because I know how much I could help this team, and I just love to play the game of basketball. For me, this is the greatest job in the world. It's just eating me up that I can't go out there and compete with my teammates."

Following the conclusion of the Denver Nuggets' season, Harrington had what was to be a routine knee operation to repair torn cartilage. But as Robbins writes, "doctors determined that he had developed a dangerous staph infection," which infection necessitated a total of four more surgeries.

Harrington recently spent three weeks rehabilitating his knee in Vail, Colorado. He's back with the team now and eager to return to the floor. The New Jersey native knows when he might return to the court, but declined to tell the media when that might be. "Just in case I don't reach that mark, I'd let myself down, let the fans down," Harrington said.

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