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Is Glen Davis compatible with Jacque Vaughn?

Sunday, Davis likened Orando coach Jacque Vaughn to Gandhi and Doc Rivers, Davis' former coach in Boston, to a "military-minded kind of guy." Which coach's approach best suits Davis?

Glen Davis and Jacque Vaughn
Glen Davis and Jacque Vaughn
Kim Klement - US Presswire

Glen Davis made some headlines over the weekend when he contrasted the coaching styles of Doc Rivers, under whom he played the first four seasons of his career with the Boston Celtics, and Jacque Vaughn. Davis likened Rivers to a "military-minded kind of guy," whereas he compared Vaughn to Mahatma Gandhi.

More specifically, Davis said the following: "Doc's more 'get the job done,' and Jacque Vaughn is more the kind of guy who will ask you, 'would you feel comfortable getting the job done?'"

It's an incisive quote, and it raises questions, SB Nation NBA editor Tom Ziller says, about which coaching style is best for Davis. "Glen Davis strikes me as the type of player that needs 'the right way' pounded into his face," Ziller wites. "His natural tendencies to do things the wrong way are too powerful."

After a rocky first season in Orlando under Stan Van Gundy, a season which included a one-game suspension for what Orlando Sentinel writer Brian Schmitz called a "shouting match" with Van Gundy during practice, Davis has been nothing but a model citizen for the rebuilding Magic. He's averaging more points, shots, and minutes than ever in his six-year career, and he's taken on a co-captain role with veteran point guard Jameer Nelson.

And yet Davis has not played efficiently. His 45.1 percent True Shooting mark is the lowest of his career, and the sheer volume of his shooting means he's taking possessions away from Orlando's more efficient players.

Would Davis and the Magic be better off if Davis were still in Boston? That's a bit of an unfair question. Is Vaughn the right coach to get the most production out of Davis? There's one that's worth asking.

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