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NBA Watchability Index: Are the Orlando Magic Hard to Watch?

Mike Prada of contends the Magic are the league's least-watchable team.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

The Orlando Magic are rebuilding, clearly, having dealt superstar center Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers in August. Nobody's really expecting the team to be any good in 2012/13, and now, at least one person isn't expecting them to be entertaining, either.

Mike Prada of SB Nation devised a new Watchability scale for NBA teams, scoring each of the league's 30 squads on a 10-point scale in five categories, awarding or subtracting bonus points based on "hilarity."

Orlando scored just four points on Prada's scale, the worst figure in the league by a significant margin; by way of comparison, the 29th-ranked Charlotte Bobcats earned 12.5 points.

Prada gives the Magic one point each for dominance, wow factor, drama, aesthetic beauty, and intrigue. Glen Davis' presence on the team costs it a point in the scale, because Prada expects the five-year veteran "to take a zillion horrible shots this year."

With due respect to my SB Nation colleague, I have to disagree on any evaluation of Orlando's aesthetic merits which does not mention DeQuan Jones' highlight-reel potential, which ability he demonstrated in this emphatic slam on the break against the Houston Rockets.

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