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Watch: Orlando Magic Season Predictions from Orlando Pinstriped Post

OPP editor Evan Dunlap joins Seth Pollack in a Google Hangout to discuss the Magic's forthcoming season.

Monday afternoon, I joined SB Nation NBA manager Seth Pollack via Google Hangout to discuss the Orlando Magic's forthcoming season, which begins one week from Friday when they host the Denver Nuggets at Amway Center. The video of our exchange is embedded above.

The topics we covered in our chat are how many games Orlando will win (spoiler alert: not many, for reasons I explained in Thursday's season-preview post), who its star player will be, which players is its "x-factor," and what its biggest concerns are. We wrap our discussion with predictions for the NBA Finals. The whole thing clocks in at a brisk 7:41.

Stay tuned for more OPP videos of this sort as we look to expand into other media. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Thanks, as always, for reading. And, in this case, thanks for watching as well.

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