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Orlando Magic Media Day: J.J. Redick Hated Seeing the Heat Win

Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick happens to be one of those guys who really hates to lose basketball games. Of course, you can say that about any professional athlete, but really, Redick has the tendency to be hard on himself when it comes to losing.

"At the end of every season I look in the mirror and ask myself what can I do better?" Redick asked. "Where did I screw up this year? Why are we still not playing? What could I have done to help us beat Indiana? I think about all those things and I think for the most part everybody should be thinking about that." (per WYGM in Orlando, via SRI)

But if there's one thing that truly got under Redick's skin, it was watching the Miami Heat take home the championship last season. Although he respects the fact that the Magic's fiery division rivals were the inevitable champions, he does hope the chatter about them settles down.

"Hopefully we can all stop talking about that for a while." Redick said at Media Day. "LeBron [James] has his championship. I've known him since he was 15, so I'm happy for LeBron. I hate seeing the Heat win, but they deserved it."