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Glen Davis on Dwight Howard: "He Can Fart"

When asked what the Orlando Magic will miss most about All-Star center Dwight Howard, whom they traded in the offseason, Glen Davis had an unusual response.

Howard Smith - US Presswire

In his eight seasons with the Orlando Magic, center Dwight Howard earned three Defensive Player of the Year awards, six All-Star selections, six All-NBA selections, and five All-Defense selections. But when the media asked Magic big man Glen Davis on Tuesday what the team would miss most about Howard after they traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers, he didn't mention any of the 6-foot-11 behemoth's many on-court skills.

No, Davis instead mentioned Howard's farting, according to Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel.

"A great farter," Davis said of his former teammate. "He can fart. He can fart loud. The loudest farts. Silent farts."

While NBA analysts might disagree that particular skill of Howard's is what Orlando will miss most about the perennial All-Star, there's no denying it's one of Howard's strengths. Anyone who's spent more than a few minutes in Orlando's locker room over the last eight seasons has heard Howard break wind.

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