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Arron Afflalo Supports U.S. Dream Academy's "3 to 6" Program

The Magic guard visited Memorial Middle School on Tuesday to lend his support to the program, which offers direction to students who would otherwise be unsupervised after school.

A strained hamstring has kept Arron Afflalo from making his on-court début with the Orlando Magic this preseason, just months after they acquired the 27-year-old swingman from the Denver Nuggets. But the injury hasn't kept Afflalo from making a difference in the Orlando community, as John Denton of writes.

Thursday afternoon, Afflalo visited Memorial Middle School to visit children enrolled in the U.S. Dream Academy's "3 to 6" program, which aims to provide direction to teens who may not otherwise be supervised after school. "As the teens at Thursday’s event testified, the program has kept them on the right path for success and saved their lives," according to Denton.

Afflalo is drawn to the U.S. Dream Academy's mission. "I was very blessed that mom and dad were around and I had great parents," he told Denton. "But I’ve seen the opposite end of the stick so I can kind of relate to these kids."

Laura McKeeman and Ericka Dunlap joined Afflalo for the visit. McKeeman is Miss Florida 2012, while Dunlap is Miss America 2004.

For more on the U.S. Dream Academy, please visit its website at

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