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Watch: Josh McRoberts' Fast-Break Dunk against Detroit

High-flying power forward Josh McRoberts crams on the fast break.

The Orlando Magic lost to the Detroit Pistons by 26 points on Tuesday, dropping their exhibition record to 0-4, as Detroit shot a blistering 54.6 percent from the field.

Despite the grisly final score, the Pistons didn't have a complete monopoly on the game's highlights. Magic forward Josh McRoberts, making his first start of the exhibition campaign, got to throw down one-handed on a fast break against Tayshaun Prince, a longtime Piston and certified Magic-killer.

McRoberts doesn't take off too terribly far away from the hoop in this clip, but the emphasis with which he drops the hammer more than makes up for it. And we should not overlook the pass Gustavo Ayón made to deliver McRoberts the ball: there aren't too many centers who can run the floor and flip the ball to a trailer quite like Ayón does there.

McRoberts, who may not make Orlando's opening-day roster despite his guaranteed contract, finished Tuesday's game with six points, two rebounds, four assists, and a steal.

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