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Glen Davis Personifies the Orlando Magic as a 'Baby Learning to Walk'

After playing for most of his career with the Boston Celtics and having won an NBA championship already on his resume, Glen "Big Baby" Davis already embraces new head coach Jacque Vaughn for who he is and what he has up his sleeve for the season.

“The mindset for what he has for this team is right up my alley and that is understanding the way to play, understanding how we’ve got to play, and then just his mindset.” Davis said. “Everything he is saying right now is catering to the future in building a culture. And I love it.”

Davis also is aware of the new era the Orlando Magic will somehow try to blossom for the upcoming years ahead. At media day he personified the development of a baby in its walking stages and how it resembles what the franchise and what the players (especially the new ones) will be going through for the long term.

“Right now, you’ve got to take one step at a time.” Davis said. “Right now, it’s like a baby. A baby doesn’t come out walking; the baby crawls first. Not even a ‘Big Baby’; he crawls first. Then the baby starts to get more confident. The repetition is walking. He takes a step, and then next thing you know the confidence grows; takes another step, the stronger he gets, and then next thing you know, he’s walking...that’s the mindset we have to have. Keep trying everyday, no matter what. If we fall, no matter what, if we bump our heads, we’re going to run one day.”