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Orlando Magic Media Day: A Few Words From Alex Martins

The Magic are focused on starting a new era without using the word 'rebuild' in their vocabulary. CEO Alex Martins has implemented this idea with all of the Orlando Magic personnel.

Ajeeta Khanna - Orlando Pinstriped Post

The Orlando Magic have moved on after a deranged chapter in the history of the franchise. The overall mood seemed to be positively energetic and refreshing one at the Orlando Magic Media Day.

With the new slogan affixed on their marketing campaign, "We Will", CEO Alex Martins finished the statement in his own words.

"We will not disappoint, we will work hard, we will continue to be a winning organization...and ultimately we will win a championship." Martins said.

Martins also stressed about looking at the Orlando Magic's year to come as not a year of rebuild, but rather a 'transition.'

"We've been through major rebuilding in the past." Martins said. "We don't want to use the word rebuild anymore on an angle basis. We'll improve as opposed to rebuild. Obviously this is a new era, a transition period of time. I don't necessarily look at [this season] as a rebuild. I think we've got a great collection of talent, particularly the moves that we made this summer, we're going to be competitive. We've got a good based, we're going to continue to improve and over the course of time we're going to be competing for a conference championship and hopefully an NBA championship. But this in my mind is not a rebuild like we've been through in the past where it's going to take us a five to 10 year period.